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Originally Posted by JoeDfan View Post
I had a rare afternoon off today; so I decided to drive down to the local indoor flea market/antique mall. Once, I scored an AWESOME UMaine baseball jersey, so I am always hopeful.

As I was browsing, I came across a box of old photos and RPPCs in the back of one of the booths. I happened to notice a baseball cap in the back, so I picked it up and started looking. And came up with GOLD!!!

1) I think it is a Brooklyn Dodgers player (don't know who?).
2) Same player, but now I believe that is Jackie in the background!
3) West Point RPPC.
4) Some kind of WWII plane.
5) This one looked like nothing, but was in with the WWII plane. Check out the inscription on the back!!! Is that the same Jimmie Doolittle who raided Tokyo?!?!?!
6) Some kind of gunslinger outlaw dude RPPC! I know, not sports, but the planes/outlaw guy just looked cool, so I thought I would share.
Player behind Gil Hodges may be Duke Snider...........
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