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I used to have a company that sold hot sauce, we had about 200 different types. We had stuff that would literally burn a hole in your throat, stomach, whatever. Napalm'd its way thru your entire system. Not a lot of fun but good drinking stories.

When you're done killing yourself, these are my favorites:
Nando's Peri Peri, from South Africa. Various levels of heat, with a really good flavor.
Melindas/Marie Sharp's hot sauce, from Belize and Costa Rica (same company different names). Various levels of heat, this sauce is built on a carrot base which sounds really weird but really works and you don't taste the carrot at all.
Sriracha- this is probably the best of all of them, and the cheapest. It's made in L.A. by a Vietnamese refugee, complete Horatio Alger story. Only one level of heat, but the flavor is great and it works on everything.
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