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Originally Posted by docpatlv View Post
Howard, have never seen those before. Maybe cut from an advertising sheet?

Thanks Dale, it's tough to find larger sized autographed photos of Roberto with a nice, clean signature.

Day 6

Sometimes you can still find great items at small card shows. I don't make it to too many card shows anymore, but I found this at a local mall show years ago.

To go along with the previous 2 items I posted...

1968 Topps Plak Checklist # 2 (National League). Tough item to find, may even be tougher than finding some of the Plaks themselves.
While Im not that crazy about the Plaks; always thought they were a tad bit ugly (theyve grown on me over the years). The Clemente doesnt look half bad and Id guess Id go after the Plaks if Brooks, the player I collect, was part of the grouping. Now the checklists are a totally different story; one of my favorites! Think they look so cool with all the different players pictured, in color, both front and back. Yours looks great; thanks for sharing.
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