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Originally Posted by Writehooks View Post
Totally agree, Irv. When he was healthy and on his game, The Big E was truly a force to be reckoned with. In a lot of ways he reminded me of Frank Mahovlich -- gifted with incredible physical ability but not always in sync with what was going on around him. At the top of their game, both guys could leave the opposition -- and fans -- spellbound by the enormity of their skill set. Now that Lindros is in, the next long-overdue inductee should be Theo Fleury.
He sure was!

And I agree, Theo should be in as well.

Originally Posted by philliesfan View Post
Congrats Eric! Lindros, LeClair, Rendberg...............The Legion Of Doom as they were called were almost unstoppable. It was a great pleasure watching them for a several years. Lindros was a monster. He could handle the puck, score, issue punishing hits. It was a lot of fun being a Flyers fan back then.

I am also so glad one of my favorite goalies made it. Vachon was always one of my favorite non Flyers players. He deserves the H.O.F.

My bud and I were allowed to stand behind the net one game (where the Zamboni enters the ice) and Eric and Darian Hatcher came around and clobbered each other up against the boards right where we were standing.
My bud is taller than me but even he said, geebus, wouldn't want to be out there playing against either of those 2 guys!

Not that I am a tall guy, but seeing Eric on skates up close and personal, made me feel like a skinny elf comparatively!
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