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Default Christie's Buried Treasure thread

I was fortunate to win a couple of lots at the Christie's and just received my winnings today. I had requested access to several lots, so I knew what was there, but I was stunned at the sheer volume of magnificent images buried within 75 photo lots with only a handful of the images actually posted publicly in the auction listing.

So, I'm starting this thread to post your "Buried Treasure, photos that were not publicly shown in the listing images. Please share yours, but "buried treasure" only!

Here is one of mine. It comes from lot 210 and is one of my very favorite Bender images. I have been searching for this exact copy for years. It was my photographic White Whale! It was last seen in a Legendary Auction some years back. If anyone has a copy of the catalog with that listing I'd appreciate a shot of the listing as I could have sworn it mentioned Paul Thompson.

In any event, post away, I doubt we will discover such buried treasure in any other auction anytime soon. I will post more images in a few days, but suffice it to say, as a buyer, I am thrilled with Christie's.

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