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Default Lighting in a room of collectibles

I posted this on the memorabilia board also. I would value any input you all might offer. Thanks.

I am branching out from cards and will be displaying memorabilia (some signed, some not) along with a few cards in a room. This room has one relatively small window and faces south. It doesn't get a lot of sun light but some. I am going to put a hotel style black out curtain in the room to take care of that minimal sun light. The only lights in the room are in a ceiling fan. I have switched the bulbs in the fan over to LED, and I only have two bulbs in instead of the possible four. The light would only be on a few minutes a day if I were in there, so there won't be much traffic. Autographed footballs/helmets will be in UV safe cases. Do you guys think these precautions are enough? I don't really know what else to do. Thanks for any insight.

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