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Default Durham Bulls team sets

Hello everyone! I just recently started collecting vintage and was told to give this site a look. If you are on any other card forums, you may recognize my username.

Anyways, I was at the flea market this past weekend and found a guy clearing out of bunch of late 80's early 90's junk.

Most of it was just that, junk, but I did find a 1996 Topps Mickey Mantle reprint set and a 1989 UD set. As I was paying him, I saw a notebook of Durham Bulls team sets. He said they were complete team sets from 1981-1996. For $25, I decided to take a chance. I got home and two sets had Chipper Jones and another two had Kevin Costner. All seem to be mint or better since they've been sitting in a notebook for a couple decades. My question is, does anybody have an idea of value on these considering that I have so many sets in one large lot? Are some of the early 80's cards worth grading? The 1981-1985 complete sets seem to be somewhat hard to find based on eBay searches but still not too sure on these. I plan on grading the Chippers for my Braves PC and 1 of the Costners, but not sure on anything else in the lot. I'm not too familiar on these older minor league issues so just looking for some opinions.

I am going to add some pictures later this afternoon when I get home.
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