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I have settled with the fact that people will do absurd, crazy, dishonest and selfish things because they have problems. I ignore them and don't let it bother me (or at least try to not let it bother me.)

I recently sold a piece of memorabilia on Ebay for a $50 BIN, because it was worth $50 and little more. It was a piece I have a lot of knowledge about. I saw it then being resold for $1500 by someone who is just fishing for some uneducated misguided person to come along and buy it.

Shortly after it was listed for $1500, I had some other ebayer send me a message saying basically that "I was stupid for selling it for $50 because it was now being resold for $1500 and that I should do my homework"...HA!!

I won't get into the details of what I replied, but basically I told that idiot that just because someone lists something for $1500, doesn't make it worth that, and that I am not the one who needs to do some homework.

I was not bothered by the fact someone relisted the $50 item for $1500, but I was bothered that some unknowing person could come along, be tricked, and think the item was something that it is not.
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