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Default Shunichi Amachi

Shunichi Amachi was a manager for the Dragons. He piloted the team from 1949 to 1951, again in 1954, and then in 1957-8. It was under his guidance that they won their first Japan Series, and their last for another half century. Oddly, he never played baseball professionally. At Meiji University he was a catcher, but he never did make it to NPB as a player. Albright ranks him as Japanís 18th most successful manager, but his methodology leaves something to be desired. (Itís a system of the ďassign X points for YĒ type, where thereís no reason that X is worth Y points, and so nothing that the system actually measures.)

In addition to serving as a manager, he had a decent career as an umpire. He was an umpire for a league of six universities based in Tokyo from 1929 to 1947. In addition to college umpiring he put in some work umpiring high school matches, most notably in the Koshien tournament. Following his career as an umpire he took over managing Teikyo Commercial School baseball club, for whom his future ace with the Dragons, Shigeru Sugishita, pitched. Their careers would be fairly well intertwined, as it was on the back of Sugishitaís forkball that Amachiís Dragons won their Japan Series.

Amachi was not on my original list of hall of famers to acquire. I set out to get cards of professional hall of fame players, and while Iíve made exceptions for players who were inducted as managers but who had long and successful playing careers (Hara comes to mind as an example), Amachi definitely doesnít fall into that category. (Given that he didnít play baseball post-college.) However, this is the only Amachi card that Iíve ever seen for sale (outside of uncut JCM21 sheets), this particular card is from JGA16, a set that Iíd never encountered before. Indeed, Engel gives is rarity level R4 Ė indicating only 5-10 of each card known to exist. And while I think that Engelís rarity levels should probably taken with a grain of salt, it surely at least indicates that there arenít many of these floating around. So I picked up Amachi-san. JGA16 was issued in 1949, making this Amachiís rookie card, if thatís what you call a managerís first card.
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