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I've not consigned anything particularly big lately but have in the past. When I did then it was with REA or with Mastro and I generally paid about 5% commission. That was also during the period of about 12-15% buyer's premium, so the net effect I think is that now, with mostly 20%+ buyer's premium, they can offer more zero commission deals out there--especially on nice individual items or larger consignments of multiple items like Kevin's. I know I've seen Al from Love of the Game auctions (and others) offer above 100% of the price realized for items of particular nature that are consigned at a particular time. That's obviously to incent people to consign more and consign items of a highly competitive nature like Mantle rookies, Ruth auto balls, complete sets, etc. I think Paul's advice of negotiate the best deal you can is spot on. You can always come down on your demands but if you set a low floor on your expectations, it's tough to go up.

And always do what you think is best in dealing with your goods. While these people are mostly reputable, I do believe they not only work for YOU as the consignor but they are also working for and with the buyers and you may have different goals for your collection than a potential buyer. You want to maximize the value of your consignment and the buyer wants to minimize payout. The auctioneer is going to win either way but gets the best payout when they can maximize the results while being sure the lot gets sold.

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