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Originally Posted by Huysmans View Post
To be fair though... there's also people in Boston that don't follow or care about basketball.

A Boston Globe poll of New Englanders in 1975 ranked Orr as "The greatest athlete in Boston history", and granted, while this did occur at the height of his career, he still topped all-time Beantown legends Williams, Russell, Yaz, Cousy and others.
While it's difficult to compare different eras, I'd say his popularity all-time definitely surpasses Bird and Ortiz.
I'm a huge Orr fan, but I'd find it hard to believe that his popularity would rival Ortiz at this point - after the WS championships, his final season and especially his speech after the marathon bombings, dropping the f-bomb and getting away with it and all.

And that's not to mention another athlete whose popularity might surpass Orr's, Tom Brady... From my viewpoint, Orr would come after those two.
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