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Originally Posted by Cliff Bowman View Post
If you are insuating that someone photo shopped "Kueen" on the front of that card pictured, I was thinking the same thing. If not, I will stand alone. As far as I know, there are no known 1955 Bowman Harvey Kuenn cards with the name misspelled on the front, I believe someone was having fun and photo shopped that card. If you blow up the name on the card you can easily tell that the font on the two E's is completely different than the KU and the N.
Absolutely, yes, it is an insinuation that something is not right (I believe it was photo shopped as well). As with others, I have never seen this phantom 3rd variation either.....maybe Darren is just having fun with us, although if he was responsible for this card, the fonts likely would have matched.
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