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Default 1980s

Jim---I am in general agreement with you on tough Topps issues from the 80s. For me the 82 Blackless, 84 Encased, the 85 Minis ( blank and regular backs), 88 Cloth and 89 Big Sucker Heads were all tough.

The 89 regular Double Header All Star set of 24 was pretty easy. They were mini cards in a two way plastic stand with a copy of the players 89 card and his earlier rookie card. A little tougher was the Double Header Yankees and Mets set of 24....same format, 89 mini card ( paper thin) and reproduction of prior rookie card in plastic stand up. But much harder to run down are the Double Header Mets/Yankees Proof or Prototype cards. There were only 8 and the holder has the 88 version of their cards and their rookie card. They were issued in packs but on a very limited basis

The prototype packs are the clear ones with shorter CL

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