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Default Random PSA thoughts and total speculation...

Hey everyone. I am really new to the collecting game. I hadn't touched cards in some 30 years until about a month ago.

I joined PSA and sent in my first 15.

Stuff that I cracked or opened. Solid Tiffany and Glossy cards. Perfect gloss. Sharp edges. Razor corners. Perfect centering. Shiny and unblemished surfaces.

Not a single 10.


So here is my thought process and COMPLETE speculation.....I am thinking that those that submit 1000-10000 or more cards a month get the "tie goes to the runner" benefit. Guys like me, the small personal collector types get no love on cards that are "close".

Could there be any truth to this?
Would it benefit me to find a company to submit my cards through their account/name?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I just want to find the best way to grow and grade my collection. Thanks everyone!
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54 Topps PSA 8's
69 Topps Deckle
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