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Originally Posted by stone193 View Post
Thanx for the reply Michael.

I have no knowledge of olympics.

When I saw the thread, it reminded me I had this album that I picked up in a lot of WS programs. Had no idea Robinson had a brother in the olympics.

The only card of the 200m race in my album is the one I posted.

The only info I knew was what was on my scan regarding the trials and Mack.

Appreciate the information.
The card you show is from the Mhlen Franck set. Mhlen Franck Kaffee issued these cards. These were a more standard card size and printed on regular cardstock unlike the Reemstma aka Sammelwerk set which was printed on thin paper. The Franck's were probably the first true Olympic only card set and they covered the Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Summer Olympics in Berlin. The set was purportedly 200 cards though no official checklist was issued. The first Olympic basketball card was in this set. It shows an American player (William Wheatley?) making a layup. There are three Jesse Owens' cards in the set - 100m, long jump and the card you have for the 200m. There is also a card of the silver medal winning Canadian Ice Hockey team and at least two cards showing Adolph Hitler.
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