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Originally Posted by perezfan View Post
As a long-suffering Reds Fan, same here... LOTS of living in the past.

And Brooksie absolutely stifled us in the '70 World Series. That series was perhaps my biggest disappointment as a young kid, as I really expected the Reds to win. But play after play, it cemented the fact that Brooks Robinson was one of the greatest 3rd Basemen ever.
Iím glad Iím not the only one and that thereís others that can relate

I guess the Oís knew going into the Ď70 WS that there would be plenty of action on the SS/3rd base side with all the pull hitters on the Reds. What most people donít consider is that Brooks was 33 years old at the time and been making plays like this, year after year, over the past 15 years or so. As an Oís fan we knew, we got to see first hand, day in and day out, but the rest of the baseball world got to see just a glimpse of how great Brooksie really was at third. Of course in my mind, and likely each and every old school Bímore fan, that he IS the greatest 3rd basemen ever...
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