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Originally Posted by Mrmiamih View Post
may I ask why

Blocked me from bidding on his items (which I don't mind).

When I inquired why, however, he claimed I did a friend of his wrong but would never elaborate though I asked politely more than once.

This, I did not like as I pride myself for having the highest of standards both as a buyer and a seller.

I have a feedback score of (6,010) 100% positive in almost 18 years on EBAY.

That doesn't happen by accident.

If there was ever someone I did not give the best customer service to, I would want an opportunity to make it right.

There's enough competition for me to bypass his items (in addition to Dean's and battlefield)- and I won't miss anything - he is just a hypocrite.

Currently, I am not in a buying mode for vintage as I made a couple of high-dollar purchases in August and am using BST to help offset that bill if only slightly.

For, modern cards, I am avoiding EBAY as much as possible due to what I feel are greedy fee policies.

I have made several purchases through the Beckett Marketplace though I do pay through EBAY's quasi property PAYPAL - and get charged 25 cents when I have the balances transferred to my bank account.

As I said before, probstein is dead to me...

and ebay is on life support.

Just my own way of handling things...obviously, not for everyone.


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