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Originally Posted by slidekellyslide View Post
The two people who are involved in that donít want to be involved here in Net54, and since I am an honorable man I would never post ďthe damn picĒ without their permission. Seriously itís a box with dated labels and a tracking number that absolutely 100% corroborates Alís story. The tracking number gives away the hometown of the guy who accidentally received the cards. There is no way itís getting posted and you know that.
Cant some personal info just be covered and the pic exposed? I mean, this what David is hinging everything on, why not just end all of this so Al can go on being the honest AH owner we know he is? Like many others, I feel like I am really really missing something here..

There was no OM brown...
Cards were accidentally shipped to the wrong person...
LOTG got the cards regarded which seems like the right thing...
What possibly could be in this pic?