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Originally Posted by slidekellyslide View Post
I think the postmark is dated for the same day this thread was started at 8:30 PM. So I think without question the check was mailed before this thread was started. Unless you know of a post office open that late.

So now please tell me what does Al gain by not sending out a lot of common T206 cards. And I can only think that with you keeping this conspiracy going that you, Orlando and perhaps the OP who is sending you scans of the envelope must think he was getting a brown Old Mill card in that lot.

Edited to add: I didn’t include Jake Lieberman because I’m not even sure he knows what he thinks. What law school allowed that guy to graduate???
If you stamp your own mail at home or office you can manipulate the time pretty easily for backdating etc. Not saying that happened but just general knowledge in those situations when not done at the post office.

Thanks for not including me. Like i stated earlier, sorry for questioning the process early on.

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