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Default Monte Cudines

Wow--thanks so much for chiming in Ray. What an insight and great work on your behalf. I understand your reluctance to post this but I applaud your integrity.
And you are absolutely correct that this does open up so many more questions than it answers. The ads from the 40's and 50's obviously portray Monte Cudine alcohol along with the pictures of players, etc. Can anyone testify with 100% certainty that they were inserted into the bottles? And why would you advertise the discs and NOT include them with the product? Seems to me it was the primary reason for including them with the advertisements! When were the tests conducted and why? Who conducted them? For what purpose? Is it possible there were discs issued from the 40's and 50's and then "reprints" from the 70's. Were these tests conducted independently and how can you obtain the results.
It certainly warrants more research but it will be tough to get straightforward answers especially if these studies have some validity.
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