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I always find it odd at how quickly people can say someone from the 30's was better than someone from the 70's or 80's etc. If you just look at images of athletes that span this time frame you rarely see athletes with physical attributes that compare to more modern day athletes. Whether that is from dietary changes, more vigorous exercise routines, enhanced training regimens, performance enhancing drugs, better lifestyle choices or just human evolution it is what it is.

It is hard for me to conceptually agree that even though they were participating in the same sport it is the same. While Tyson's entire career may leave him coming up short for the top five or top ten, I just don't see how he doesn't garner more respect in the discussion from his time in his prime. As an amateur he was flat out scary, he went on to be the youngest heavyweight champion and left a path of destruction in his wake. From a physical standpoint Tyson was a beast and a monster in the gym. He had the killer instinct that so many humans simply don't posses. He was at a constant disadvantage as he battled drug problems and still flattened opponents. He was a global superstar and had to deal with the pressure of the press and as his star rose so did the purses in boxing and he was now entrenched with the pressure of dealing with so much income.

It just seems like a really tough debate that isn't apples to apples. Just a few weeks ago Francis Ngannou knocked out Alistar Overeem with one punch. He came over to the UFC from the boxing world and has shattered the record for punching power. How can some one compare a boxer from the 50's who had big punching power yet it was no where close to as powerful? Tyson may have fought some bums or journeymen fighters but these weren't just victories but shocking knockouts. You were stepping in the ring with a great white shark and the outcome was that ferocious. When I watch the clips from his prime commentators were skeptical early on but were quick to realize he was special.

Obviously all of these statements in some form have been bounced around in the debate and long time boxing enthusiasts have heard them and have some counter punch as to why they don't matter so no minds will be changed but those are my beliefs.

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