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Default 2002 T206 Cobb w/ Bazooka back vs. T206 Cobb w/ Ty Cobb back

Posted By: Tom

In addition to Old Judges, Cabinets, W600's, PM1's, T206's, T207's, T205's, T213's and a bevy of other vintage and 19th century issues I collect, I, too, must confess that I'm a new card purchaser. Having bought packs first in 1975, I still like ripping packs.

To actually think you can buy boxes now and make your money back, however, is another story. Average boxes now cost about $100 with high end products selling for $400. My local store relies on me for vintage advice so I get okay deals on some new stuff. Most of the stuff I buy is the Topps Heritage product--really nice quality (for the most part). This year's is similar to the 1953 Topps set. They do have a TON of short prints and two boxes at $100 each come NO where near to completing the set. Then you gotta buy the SP's one at a time at shows.

I also have collected the golf cards from last year and this. So........I feel better confessing.....a good 12 step program would probably be helpful......a note from the store that I do frequent.......they have a customer who is a multi-millionaire who regularly spends 5K or more with them on a WEEKLY basis opening new products. He'll open CASES of cards at $100 to $400 a box (8 to 12 boxes PER case) and just pull the tough inserts and leave the rest at the store. Don't know how or why he wants to go this route because anyone that actually looks at the Beckett can see monthly how these chase cards go down in value.

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