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Default PWCC Recent Closings

Some interesting results the last few days.

N150 Sullivan SGC 50 $688.00: This was a really nice card. I remember when these routinely went over $1K. I had a feeling this one would be around this level; there've been a few sales of lesser cards in the sub-$500 range in the last year or so.

Romeo y Julieta Sullivan-Kilrain SGC 30 $163.49: the 'fat old men' card really ate it. I am afraid that RyJ, while one of my favorite issues, falls into that too obscure for its own good category.

1960 Hemmets uncut sheet/set raw, $314: after that finish on the LOTG version I had to wonder where this item really is. You could see the crease in Ali's head in this one, so the item is definitely a g-vg one. In that regard $314 is a decent price.

1964 Heinz VEB Eggs boxing PSA 7 $32.08: Ouch! This card had been touted by some as a candidate for first Ali card because it purportedly shows Ali. PSA even ran an article that touted it. I never thought the card actually showed Ali; he was just referenced on the back write-up for the set's Aussie audience because he fought an Aussie in the semis in 1960. The guys on the card are shirtless; the Olympians wore shirts in 1960, including Clay in the match that is referenced. Not him, sorry.

What're your thoughts on these and any other recent sales?
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