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Default Alphabet Soup Coin Flip

So about six months ago, I brought a piece to an alphabet soup to get their stamp of approval, as I knew I was going to be moving on from the piece at some point. I am pretty darn sure the signature is good. HOF baseball player. Not a top tier value wise...if there are 6 tiers to HOF autograph value, this player is maybe in tier 4. The media is 100% unique. Absolutely the only one that exists.

Hear back about a month later that it didn't pass. Whatever. I figure I will eventually just get it to an auction house and just have them submit to another of the alphabet soups.

So I chose the auction house and sent it to them a bit ago. I told them that I had taken it to XYZ TPA, and that they did not pass it, but that I am sure it is good so please submit to ABC TPA. Auction house tells me they only use XYZ. Whatever. Figured would be an interesting experiment.

It passes.

Same item. Unique one of a kind signed item. Same alphabet soup tpa. Six months apart.

Either it really can be just a coin flip or auction houses get preferential results.

Or both.
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