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Originally Posted by clamendo View Post
I think because many of the same exhibits may have been printed over multiple years and it’s difficult to discern

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I agree with Carl. Here is what I have in my set notes:

The 1948 – 1952 Football Exhibit (catalog designation W468) set consists of 59 unnumbered player cards and a checklist that were produced over a five year period. It is believed that they were released in 32 card groups, primarily in the years 1948, 1950, and 1951. Some cards were printed in multiple years while others were not. The 1951 cards were all reprinted in sepia and distributed in 1952 as well. The year a card was originally printed can be determined by the height of the “Made in USA” text at the bottom of the card. The text on 1948 cards is 5/8”. The text on 1950 cards is 7/16”. The text on 1951 and 1952 cards is 1/2”. ESCO continued printing and selling these cards at least into the mid 50's, making it difficult to pinpoint the year that any particular card was printed.

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