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I'm not entirely sure what Topps ever printed in Duryea but would love to find out. Len Brown once said in an interview they did so "much later" (referring back to the beginning in '66 there) but they would have had to reconfigure the plant to do so and late 80's/early 90's were a time of economic issues for Topps. I do know a lot of the lithographers they used historically were out of business by 1984 or so, some a lot earlier than that. It's a bit of a mystery what they may have printed themselves vs third parties after they lost their long time printers.

Has anyone ever seen anything from the 1980's or 90's indicating where they printed cards? I think they closed Duryea in 1996, or at least drastically cut back their lease space at that time, although a nearby plant in Scranton remained (and remains) open but I think they just made candy products there. It makes Ring Pops today apparently.
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