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Back about 2 years ago I bought a starter set of 41 graded for the set.I have been picking up a few here and there.So now I have 56 of the set.I have 6 complete sets of the 55 Parkhurst not graded.So if trying to buy them already graded does not work.Than I am simply going to pull my best copy of the ones I need to complete my graded set and send them along to PSA for grading.I do not like PSA grading.I think they are way over rated for the work they do.But people sure like to buy what they do.So in this case and in this case only I will have them complete my grading for my wrestling set.Because I live in Canada it takes about 3-4 months to send and them receive,grade the cards and return.Unless you want to use their upgrade service.Which I do not.I am in no hurry.But you are right these are a bit hard to locate in graded form.Not a lot of people bother.
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