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The gentleman involved died unexpectedly in 2007. He was not a transplant but a lifelong San Antonio resident. San Antonio is basketball and football town. I have not come across many ( any) hard core baseball card collectors here and our paths never crossed despite the fact I had been in SA since 1995

His wife left his card room alone for years and one day at a Bible class heard my wife talking about us going on a trip to Arizona to see some spring games and meet with some fellow card collectors. She asked my wife if I would review what she had and see if I knew how she could dispose of it. I thought it would be a bunch of modern stuff, and there was every major league and minor league set you can think of through 2007, but he also had full Topps and Bowman runs and some older football and basketball sets.

In addition to a full 52 set, he also had a good portion of a second set that was autographed, included an autographed Campos black star. He had a lot of autographed balls and photos too and numerous old hobby publications

Most was organized into sets but much of it was packed in drawers and suitcases awaiting his retirement The volume of material was staggering. Each wall of his study were lined with shelves full of binders, and there was a also a closet stuffed with stuff. It was a lot of fun going through it all.

I put her in touch with Al C from Love Of The Game and after meeting with him here she chose to sell if off through his auctions. I doubt I will ever come across anything like it in San Antonio again, and it was a good tutorial for my wife in what to do with my stuff.
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