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Originally Posted by Exhibitman View Post
For postwar baseball I'd like to do this w/o spending a ton:

--Add another 1968 Atlantic Oil SP; as long as it is a wish list, how about Banks?
--Finish my 1971 Topps Super set (14 to go)
--Finish my 1972 Kellogg's ATG set (4 to go but all Ruth, Gehrig and Cobb)
--Add a few more to/upgrade my Aaron, Koufax and Rosen collections
--Pick up a few more nice 1971 OPC stars
--Upgrade a few Nolan Ryan cards
Finished the 1971 Topps Supers set at the National. Also added a 1958 Bell Koufax and upgraded my 1976 Ryan. Added a 1971 OPC Russell. Upgraded a few 1974 Topps Hank Aaron specials. I searched unsuccessfully for a Star-Cal Rosen.
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