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Originally Posted by bobsbbcards View Post
You need to learn to use the smiley faces when you make jokes. Here's a few to copy/paste.

A PSA 3 Vennie Killebrew sold for $120.41 in January 2016. Your card is easily a $500+ card. You would do well to put it on eBay at $0.99 and let the big boys fight it out. If you're not comfortable with that, but it on eBay with a buy-it-now that's a bit over what you're being offered ($750?) and see what sticks.

As far as sales for PSA 8 HOFers, there haven't been any. A PSA 7 Billy Williams sold for $166.49 in January 2015. Here are some more:

PSA 6 HOFers
2 Yaz/Robinson/Kaline $975
45 Tom Seaver $1,020
110 Hank Aaron $1,122.66

You get the idea. Good luck with your card! <- proper use of smiley
I would definitely not put it at a .99 auction. There is just not enough people interested in VZ's right now to take that big of a risk. The best advice is for him to put it at $1200 OBO and wait for offers.
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