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I could probably start a new thread, but this is related. I was the original purchaser of the Ultra prototype "presentation boards", if you will. I bought them because I was collecting Frank Thomas quite heavily at the time. I tried to sell all but Thomas not too long after buying them and only the Will Clarks attracted any interest. Larkin and Canseco went unsold.

I started getting inquiries about Canseco from a few different collectors after posting the shots a few times on different boards. At that point, I was not looking to move them, only sharing the designs. Mouschi finally pried the Canseco set from me, but I still have Thomas and Larkin.

Well, I am in the process of finalizing a trade that would deal away the Larkins, but it also involved another piece I got at the same time, from the same seller. That original seller was Ted Taylor, former Fleer Executive, so the provenance of these pieces is pretty rock solid.

I can't remember if I ever shared photos, and if I did, I probably didn't share close ups of each subject. Here they are before they may possibly disappear again into a collection. Too bad they didn't go with a little better known/popular subjects.
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