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Originally Posted by PhillipAbbott79 View Post
Some of the cards in your image don't have any marks on them. How are you determining that those players go in those spots? Assuming miss cut cards and double names?

Also, your analysis would mean that they printed 2 piedmont 150 sheets of 4 rows of 17 and 1 sheet with a 9th row of 20.

What is the theory on the remaining cards? 17 plus the 3 wonders(Magie, Plank and Wagner)?
Hi Phillip, I think understand your questions but I'm not sure about your first question. If you're talking about the X's on the sheet I add them to the sheet when I find a new scratch (like the recent Weimer).
I made this sheet by connecting existing scratches to give me an idea on location and subjects for unconfirmed scratches. If there is no X then that scratch is currently unconfirmed.
There are two subjects for each scratch one is a SC649 subject and the other a non 649 subject the Red are the 649's and the Blue are non 649 subjects that are confirmed.

For example there should be a Pastorius scratch that matches this new weimer
and next to that scratch there is an unconfirmed scratch that should be found on Criger and H. Davis (circled on the image below).
Sheet [A-B] X Large updated Criger-Davis.jpg
I think I might be confusing some people with the three different scratches.
The vertical location of these scratches are just for my research I don't know where they were on the sheet and the middle one is short because I haven't
found any scratches on the right side to connect to yet.

If in your first question your referring to the areas with no scratches there are other plate scratch sheets that indicate at least 12 vertical rows with the same subject, this is just my opinion but I think all of the plate scratch sheets had the same vertical subject for the whole sheet.

As far as the sheet size and Magie, Plank and Wagner. There were a few
different printings for the PD150 sheets and several changes were made so the number isn't actually 156 for the sheets. Magie was changed to Magee
so that would only count as one. There are a few PD150 Plank's and Wagner's but they are scraps. Crawford (throwing) was a late addition and Lundgren (Chicago) and Jennings (Portrait) were later additions.

Personally I think there were a few different size sheets although I do think
all of the PD150 sheets with the scratches were printed close to the same time and were probably the same size.

Because of the amount of T206's that were printed I also think it's reasonable to consider that there were sheets
printed at some of the other facility's owned by American Lithograph at the time not just their original NY facility.
img272 - Copy.jpg
img272 - Copy (2).jpg

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