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Originally Posted by butcher354435 View Post
I also like the T220 Silver set. Very aesthetically pleasing to me when they are in nice condition(ex and above) but also very difficult to find in nice condition because of the silver borders.

The fact that it has 2 legit rarities, the J Corbett and Donovan as you mentioned, also makes it a very fun set to collect. I know of only 3 Donovan's and I would have estimated 10-15 J Corbett's but your estimate(12-20) is in that ballpark also.
I'd love to narrow down the surviving Corbett's. I've seen about 7-9 different cards over the years, but it seems to have always been known as part of the set and appeared on every checklist I've ever seen. I would suspect a significant portion of the population is squirreled away in collector's sets and haven't surfaced in many years or been reported online somewhere. The Donovan may have been pulled to change the background, but I can think of no good explanation for why the Corbett, probably the biggest name in the set, is so rare today. Most of the copies I have seen have been in relatively good condition, considering ~80% of the silvers I see are Poor-Good.

I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting an imgur link, but here are images of the 3 Donovan's I know about:

I believe you own the 3rd one and Exhibitman the 1st? This card is my white whale. Missed out on the second Donovan to appear on eBay by only a few seconds. Wonderful set, very interesting man, and a very aesthetically pleasing image. I like the background more than the version that appears in the white border set. Hoping a fourth one pops up someday, or something surfaces to answer some of the questions on this issue.
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