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Originally Posted by frankbmd View Post
Alabama was just an example this week. Non-competitive games to fill the coffers of small schools can legitimately be challenged regardless of the participants and all the big schools participate in this endeavor. I like competitive college football, but watching a game that is 63-0 in the third quarter just doesn't turn me on.

So I love college football, but according to Runscott I hate Alabama and all the other teams that play in these games, which includes all the top 25 Division ! schools and more.

Therefore, I love college football and I hate all the teams that play it.

Boy am I a weird dude?
Your straw man logic is certainly weird, but par for the internet.

I agree with your second sentence; however, you used Alabama as your example and that's what I responded to. A final-4 contender scheduling a cupcake right before the tough stretch at the end of the season is very different from a non-contender scheduling cupcakes at the beginning of the season. Also, scheduling such games at the beginning of the season can hurt a team's rankings, as I'm sure you know.

I understand the appeal of using a straw man when someone disagrees with you, but I probably agree with your thoughts on how teams use these games early in the season. If you want more back-patting, express your outrage over teams like Wisconsin complaining about being undefeated and ranked fifth, while scheduling cupcake games early in their schedule.
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