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Originally Posted by Runscott View Post
Kevin, haven't you been following the Net54 sports experts? The SEC sucks. If Georgia or Alabama do not win out, the Net54 sports experts' expertise will be validated. If either DOES win out, it was luck or cheating and a Pac 12 or Big 12 team would have beaten either team if fairly allowed the chance.

But back to topic - Jimbo Fisher is not the first coach (and this is not limited to college football) to be great somewhere (National Championships are "great", even by the Net54 experts' standards...I hope) and then be not-so-great. Sometimes such coaches re-vamp their careers elsewhere, as do players. So precedence says it could work out for him.

Having said the above, I believe Fisher will suck at Texas A&M - A&M is a black hole for good coaches to get sucked into, never to revive. It is also a black hole for not-so-good coaches to enter to be proven that they are not-so-good.
+1...Well said, and he is over rated as a head coach.....His key assistant coaches suck big time....

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