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Unfortunately I wouldn't accept his cert on face value. Without wanting to cast stones on someone's reputation I wonder if any of the other veteran collectors like myself from the late 1980s to mid 1990s remember when Mark Jordan was one of SCD's top advertisers and then he became a top authenticator for Wolffer's auctions, which suddenly closed as a business after their owner / founder Duane Garrett committed suicide amid massive claims of forgeries and fake items in his auctions , mainly involving, but not limited to autographs that Mark Jordan issued COAs for. He held that position with them for several auctions over a period a few years and after the controversies he kind of disappeared from the hobby for several years until resurfacing as a consultant for HA, and other AHs.
Personally I would be suspect of any LOA/COA associated with him especially when he was by himself as a dealer/authenticator.
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