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Originally Posted by Footballdude View Post
Larry, congrats on completing your 64 set. I'm only a little over 60% complete on mine.

About the '57 "half" card.
Funny (or sad) story: A few years back, at a local mall card show, I came across a dealer who had a pretty big stack of 1957 Topps cards that were cut in half, like your Unitas, sitting in his showcase. He wasn't a regular football guy and had no clue what they were. He really thought they were small sized football cards, until I showed him some of the same 57's, that I had bought at another table, that were not cut in half. I wasn't trying to be mean or nothing, I even waited until no other customers were lingering around to tell him. When he realized it you could tell he really had no clue, and I'll bet he paid some pretty decent money for them. You could just tell, he looked so disappointed.
Richard: I guess back in '57 cutting cards in two was the best way to double your collection!
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