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Only a handful of photos were PSA certified Type 1s. While people may bitch a lot about card grading, I believe Henry Yee does all the PSA photo work. If I am wrong someone will correct me. Which leads me to assume that the PSA/Yee stamp of approval is worth Real money in many sales. Which leads me to wonder why someone would hold these photos for many years and when he goes to sell them not submit to Yee at $50 a pop for the thumbs up.
I know people will respond with stuff like "just enjoy the photo.... why is it all about grading all the time ....." and I get that. But if the difference between a PSA and no PSA cert is literally thousands of dollars, what kind of sane person would leave that on the table.
Some of you guys may think you are smart enough to deal with these photos from a scan and form a strong opinion of Type 1 vs 2. I'm not. Saying it's an "original" photo doesn't tell the buyer a whole lot.

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