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Originally Posted by chaddurbin View Post
God I've tried to stay out of this troll thread. NO ONE in LA is clamoring for more Andrew's laughable that someone is hitching their wagon to this guy because they don't want to miss out on the next great player.

Reason he's not playing because he has horrible splits... If you ops less than. 700 in the minors against lefties than you're pretty much Scott Van style on the team. Friedman/Roberts do a great job of putting these guys in situations where they will most likely succeed... There's a reason Howie Kendricks a career infielder is playing left field against lefties over guys like toles

Huge hit yesterday 9/19/16 in 9th inning v the Giants...against a dodgers 2-1 win as he pinch hit for E. hernandez (who is hitting .200 on the year), not sure he isnt starting over Herndandez

Kendrick is making how many millions this year? toles is making 500k.. lets start with that reason..

Hes 3 for 9 with a homer against leftys in the majors....i just wondering why they dont give him a chance..thats all

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