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Originally Posted by The Cardfather View Post
I dunno.....
The Eagles without Glen Frey just wouldn't be the same.
100% agree.

First time I saw them was in 1976. Row 15 on the floor. This young up and comer opened for them that nobody on the Eastern Seaboard had really heard of. Jimmy Buffett. Cost of the ticket was $7.50, and I was making about three bucks an hour sloggin' deli sandwiches while going to school.

Years later, they were the first touring act to ever charge $100 a ticket. Their promoter at the time decided to try it, after watching tickets on the secondary market go for about that price. Now today, the prices of live sports and entertainment costs can be pointed back to that experiment.

Originally Posted by Snapolit1 View Post
Thought Henley went on record very quickly that the Eagles were gone and never to tour again? Surpising.
Hell must have frozen over again.
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