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Originally Posted by wrestlingcardking View Post
Probably overpaid a bit but this one is graded by SGC which is nice and I also overpaid one a 1976 Yamaktsu Mil Mascaras PSA 9 with the discount that was being offered by ebay.....I have a hard time putting a value number on it because wrestling cards are volatile in general.
Thank you the information. That is pretty much what I thought. I completely understand the importance of the Parkhurst and Wrestling All-Stars sets, but I love the obscure. I had never seen that postcard before. I usually filter out BIN listings, but I was looking for something that doesn't come up for auction much to use the 15 percent discount on.

I know the wrestling card market is a tiny niche in the hobby, but it is still amazing to me that cards of an all-time important figure in the sport like Gorgeous George sell so cheaply. I guess that is because he is pretty much unknown by modern fans.

I had seen that Mascaras card. Congrats on the pick-up. There are a bunch of good looking cards in the Yamakatsu sets.
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