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Originally Posted by slidekellyslide View Post
I don't think this documentary was about cards at all. Clearly this guy knew his cards were worthless. This was an excuse used by his buddy to make a documentary about getting this guy back together with his estranged father. People still in the hobby today will recognize this, but I get people weekly coming in to my store wanting to sell their baseball cards (all 80s and 90s junk) thinking they've hit upon a gold mine. Anyone expecting a documentary about the 80-90s junk wax era are going to be disappointed.
Living in a small(12,000) town I get a lot of people trying to sell me junk era cards also. I tell most of them I wouldn't even take them for free. Most are highly disappointed and some get mad.LOL

Had a really weird one a couple days ago. Had a fairly famous person email me and wanted some error cards. They said they would like to trade, I said great because i like to trade. He said we should do a couple small trades first and I agreed.

Then he said to start he wanted 2 specific cards. I emailed him back saying the cards you want are $200-$400 apiece cards. His response was I seen them listed in Beckett for $100 each so figured they really sold for around $50 each. I explained how completely worthless Beckett is and I use completed ebay listings.

Then he sent me a pic of around 40 junk era cards he wanted to trade me and said he valued them at $50. I would not have gave $5 for them so I politely said we probably could not do a trade at this time.

I would out the guy but maybe being nice will work out for me in the future with the gentleman. I will say though if you pulled one of his serial #ed cards from a pack in the last few years you would be very happy.
T210 Series 3 Ft Worth, looking for low end examples and especially ones with a Y shaped hole punch. I also have some extra T210's for trade.
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