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Originally Posted by Sixtofan View Post
Don't they slide around in the sheets or is that not an issue? I was using some similar sheets (although not archival) which was fine when I only had one or two T3's but now that I have ~50 I was looking to see if there was another solution
A T3 is almost 6 x 8" so you can insert it into a top loader on the 7 x 9" size
and then insert it into the 8 x 10" sheet. So if they do slide a bit, there wil be
no dings to the cards.
I had a near set in PSA slabs and had them in 3 large boxes. It took up alot of
space and they weighed a ton. ANd SGC slabs are even a tad bigger.

Your way in a binder does make sense as you can grab the binder or 2 and view
them alot easier.

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