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Default Questions about 1989 Upper Deck proofs

Any idea how many types of 1989 Upper Deck prof were made. Also, in general, does anyone have an estimate of how proofs were made of each player? From everything I've seen there were a lot of different versions of these proofs released, yet at least per player they still seem relatively rare. I picked up a Griffey Jr. and probably paid too much, but could't pass on it considering I haven't seen to many proofs of his '89 Upper Deck card over the years. Anyways, I think they are a nice way to buy something unique from that set without spending tons of money on psa 10's and bgs 9.5's...that have staggering populations in there own right.

Here are some that I have come across. Please, let me know of any that I haven't mentioned below:

1. Blank back
2. Black and white progressive proof
3. No yellow progressive proof (I assume that all of the cmy combinations were printed and backdoored)
4. Overprint
5. Double front print (both in color)
6. Double front print (one in black and white)
7. No hologram
8. No name
9. No position
10. No position (black and white progressive proof)
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