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Default 1951 Wheaties Premiums

The 1951 Wheaties Test Issue "Premiums" is a set of black & white portraits issued sometime around 1951 and used later in '52 on Wheaties boxes. The set is comprised of various subjects lettered A - K. It is thought the set was issued as a test to determine popularity of the photos for later use as a redemption premium. According to info in a recent auction, contracts were never completed with 2 of the subjects - Mantle & Rosen - and printing of these 2 photo's ceased. The Test Issue Premiums have been associated with General Mills, issuer of Wheaties.

The set is lettered A - K implying there were 11 subjects. In addition to the 8 baseball players, the set also included a card of ice skater Betty Schalow ("H"). Subsequent auctions also turned up cards for Rizzuto ("B"), resulting in a total of 9 baseball players, 10 subjects in total. This essentially left 1 missing subject in the letter "I" slot. I suspect this subject was not a baseball player.

I have included a photo of my 1951 Wheaties Mantle (thanks, Phil) by way of reference.

I have corresponded a number of time with the archives center at General Mills - presumed issuer of the premiums - and they determined the only premiums they made were in 1950. They stated these premiums were actually "colored pictures" with a metal frame. They could not add any information on the history of the 1951 Wheaties Test Issue Premiums set. This is not too surprising, since the archives center was started in 1980.

Who is the last 11th subject (letter "I") in the set? Does anyone have any other information on this set?

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