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I love They All Laughed. Really underrated homage to the screwball comedy. John Ritter, Audrey Hepburn (her last film), Ben Gazara and Dorothy Stratten (also her last film). Dorothy looked absolutely luminous. I think she would have been a huge star. She had real screen presence, and she was very serious about her craft.

Peter Bogdanovich is somebody I'd really like to meet. His encyclopedic knowledge of film is pretty much legendary at this point. Also, What's Up, Doc?, Paper Moon and The Last Picture Show rank among the finest American films of the 1970s.

Originally Posted by judsonhamlin View Post
Some less obvious films I really like:

Atomic Cafe (doc on the Cold War)
They All Laughed (Bogdanovich's NYC in the early 80's)
A Midnight Clear
Mountains of the Moon
Any film by Whit Stillman
Costa Brava (circa 2000 indie film from Catalunya)
My Man Godfrey
Johnny Stecchino
The Gods Must be Crazy
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