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There are lots of acid free, archival safe glues you could use to mount the cut to an IC or acid free paper.

Another option I have done once or twice creates a cut window without actually gluing the signature down this requires 3 ICs; But can easily be broken apart to remove cut without damaging.

Middle IC: Lay your cut on an IC. Trace the outer edge. Cut out the window. This makes a hole for the cut to lay flat in.
Bottom IC: A regular IC.
Top IC: Cut a window smaller than the cut, to frame signature as desired.

Glue the Middle to the bottom by gluing along the edges. Set the signature in the hole. Apply glue to edges of middle IC. Place Top IC on top.

Or you can send them to a custom card builder to have a designed card.
I make customs too (see my signature below).

The Jose Canseco mustache guy referenced in a previous post is Mouschi.
Looking to have some custom cuts built? PM me.
My PC of Customs;
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