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Ok, I guess the ink blotters weren't a hit. Let's go in a different direction.

In 1926 Red Grange starred in a movie called "On Minute to Play". It was sponsored by a Candy Company called Shotwell Mfg. and they produced two sets of Grange cards that were distributed with a Red Grange candy bar they created. The first is a 24 card set that depicts scenes from the movie. They are blank backed so often called the "Blank Back" set. The second is a 12 card set that depicts Red Grange in his football uniform. They have an advertisement on the back so often are called the "Ad Back" set.

A few blank backs:

A few ad backs:

I haven't seen the signed photo or the album that were available from Shotwell as mentioned in the ad on the back of the cards. Maybe somebody on Net54 has these and could show them.

Here is the Red Grange candy bar wrapper.

There are at least three known versions of the Shotwell Red Grange wrapper.

You will also sometimes see empty Red Grange candy bar boxes up for sale as well.


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