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Default How did the 1950's Dodgers ever manage to lose?

Take for Example the 1953 Dodgers.

Their starting lineup by OBP

Jackie Robinson .425
Duke Snider .419
Roy Campanella .395
Gil Hodges .393
Carl Furillo .393
Jim Gilliam .383
Pee Wee Reese .374
Bobby Morgan/Billy Cox .370/.363

The WORST was the 3b platoon at a % that would've led some teams.

OPS is more of the same they had 5 guys with a higher OPS than the leader of the Yankees.

Of course I'm being a little facetious, their starting pitcher was pretty lackluster, but their offense while not the 1927 Yankees, was one of the best of any team that didn't have Ruth or Gehrig!
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