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Originally Posted by Rookiemonster View Post
When I was a kid ( 1990s) I was talking to a old time dealer. It was in Garfield NJ his name was Bob he had a mustache and was always smoking( yes in the card show ). I ask him what he thought and he said most people thought 1969 and back was vintage. He also told me that 1969 Topps WAS OVER PRODUCED. So I always just kept 1969 as the cut off for vintage. But I do agree that the 80s should be vintage in today’s world.
BTW -- The Garfield show is still going strong to this day.

I can picture Bob now --- yep in those days some people smoked IN the card show. Such a different world.

I probably saw you at some of those local Garfield shows when I would come up to visit

Look for our show listings in the Net 54 Calendar section
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